Covert Video Press Review

I’ve been testing the Covert Video Press theme on several domains and I’m actually quite surprised how well you can make curated video content rank in Google.  I think if you stick with the same topic and curate the content properly that it can actually provide a positive user experience that Google will reward with search engine traffic.

Here is one of the places I am testing this theme

Curating video content is made easy with this theme.  You can actually just grab the Youtube or Vimeo URLs.  If you use this theme I highly suggest you add important pages like Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Disclosure, FTC, About, Contact, and any other relevant pages.  However, make sure to use a unique written page and not a template that was already written.  So far I have only put the pages up but not unique content.  I need to make sure to put unique pages up before the next Panda refresh or the website could disappear into oblivion (get those required pages up, it’s really important!)

Download Covert Video Press below –

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