PinRanker Review – World’s Coolest Pinterest Software

When Pinterest first came out I was very resistant to the platform and truth be told I didn’t think it was going to do anything.  Now a year later I’m eating my words and using Pinterest everyday to drive traffic to products and opt-in pages.  This weekend I bought Mark Dulisse’s Pinranker software to see what it could do and I have to say it is super cool to say the least.  I don’t have time to screw around on Pinterest all day pinning up pictures and videos but this Pinterest software can do it with a few pushes of a button.

I’m a big fan of the products that Mark Dulisse comes out with because he is an internet marketer and he makes products that he can actually use himself for the job.  He came out with Pinranker over 6 months ago but even though I buy every single product he has, I wasn’t going to get sucked into Pinterest.  OK, now I wish that I had just followed his lead because he really hasn’t been wrong on anything as far as making good products by an internet marketer for internet marketers.

What Can PinRanker Do?

Over the last couple of months I have found that when I pin a Youtube video to Pinterest it not only gives it a good backlink to help the video rank, but it also gets views that count right from the Pinterest page.  This helps you rack up views even faster.  There are some super cool possibilities here and I’ll get to how you can use Pinranker to do it in a minute.   We are using Pinterest to drive opt-ins to a new bodyweight exercise routine called Bodyweight Torch at  Using Pinranker we were able to add our Youtube channel name and scrape videos from our bodyweight exercise channel and have the opt-in link added automatically to the description.

This board took me about 1 push of a button and 30 seconds to create –

We got 34 opt-ins yesterday!  OK, I don’t know how many came from Pinterest but our opt-ins doubled the day after putting this up.  We just started the Bodyhweight Torch opt-in project a couple weeks ago and we have a couple press releases and videos that have been driving a steady 12-15 opt-ins per day but to jump to 34 yesterday has to make me think we got something from Pinterest.  I asked my partner Mike Whitfield to add some analytics so we can start seeing where the traffic is coming from.  But honestly folks, this board took less than 30 seconds to make.  Give the board some social shares and a few backlinks and it will even get some SEO traffic.  Think of the possibilities.  You can even scrape pictures or scrape any youtube videos to create the boards, they don’t even have to be your own.  You can do repins, comments, likes, etc.  I haven’t even got into all the goodies yet but there is plenty of good video training on how to use Pinranker.  There is even a module to put in your affiliate ID and create entire boards with products that redirect to your affiliate link.  I prefer sending people to opt-ins these days and having someone that is an expert in that niche run the email list but if you love Amazon you’ll love what Pinranker can do.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee so if you don’t like it get your money back!  I am already seeing results though so I plan on keeping this around in my internet marketing arsenal.


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