SENuke X Review Coming Soon

This is old news – go to my current Senuke XCr review as it is releasing on September 19th, 2012

My SENuke X review is going to be in depth and ongoing. SENuke X Releases this week and I am going to give you the entire scoop on how this amazing seo software can be used to help your own affiliate marketing efforts and your clients SEO campaigns.

SENuke X Review Release Price

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SENuke X is coming, are you ready?

If you’re undecided come back within 30 days and read through my personal SENuke X Review.

senuke x review and senuke x bonus

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Reasons to Purchase SEnuke X

  • Dominate search engine rankings
  • Crush your competition
  • Make more money
  • Automate the mindless work of SEO and linkbuilding
  • It’s going to be really cool

SEnuke X Review and Senuke X Bonus to Be Announced

I will take several weeks to do some very comprehensive reviews of each module of SEnuke X.  I am going to put this software to the test and max it out on a couple of desktop computers to see how much can be accomplished on autopilot in 30,60,90 days to compare it to what a team of VA’s coule get done.

My SEnuke X bonus has not yet been determined but I am thinking of giving away a 50 .EDU and .GOV backlinks bonus.

That means if you buy SEnuke X through my affiliate link I will have one of my VA’s give you 50 backlinks to your website from all dofollow .gov and .edu profile links.  Start your SEnuke X purchase off right with that powerful SEnuke X bonus!

Check Back Soon for My SEnuke X Review and SEnuke X Bonus

Don’t wait for the Senuke X review – get it now!!! ————–> SEnuke X incredible seo software

I used a lot of different software packages and the main reason I am excited about the release of SEnuke X is because I can setup projects and run them completely in the background.  With the old version of SEnuke this was not possible.  You have to setup a module and run it and then it’s done.  The new version is able to chain all the projects to together so that you could do this –

  1. Post article to Web 2.0 properties and Article Directories
  2. Social Bookmark all of those posts over 1-2 weeks randomly
  3. Submit the RSS feed for the posts and the social bookmarks
  4. Build profile links to the articles and bookmarks
  5. Send all links to indexing software
  6. Post another article a week later
  7. Repeat
  8. Repeat
  9. Repeat

Wow, I might actually get to spend some time at the beach this summer with my family!  This is some seriously powerful SEO software folks.  I would not rely on this alone though and am still a huge believer in using blog networks to get hundreds of backlinks.  If you are in a very competitive keyword niche SEnuke X is a very nice addition but it won’t do everything you need.  You need a blog network to post to as well and for that I suggest using TrafficKaboom which is part of Syndicate Kahuna.

Once SEnuke X has been released I will show you how I use it together with blog networks in my comprehensive SEnuke X Review.  It’s a total search engine rankings domination formula so stay tuned for my Senuke X review and bonus!

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