Tube Conquest Review and Bonus

Tube Conquest by Mark Dulisse is officially live and I have a great bonus to go with it.  First off, what is Tube Conquest?  It’s an amazing piece of video marketing software that makes it quick and easy to create your own Youtube videos.  I really can’t do it justice by explaining how cool it is so I suggest that if you haven’t seen it you take a look at it here Tube Conquest Demo or watch the video below.

Mark Dulisse puts out amazing internet marketing products.  In fact, I buy them all – everything he puts out I get on launch day and I’m the guy that ignores 99% of all marketing products out there.  But when Mark Dulisse launches a product I don’t ask questions, I just invest in it right away.

So why is Youtube a great place to market?  Millions of viewers each and every day!  Drive traffic direct from Youtube videos to affiliate offers without even having to put up your own website.  When a lot of my websites got penalized by Penguin and Panda in early 2012 I went on a Youtube marketing blitz.  I ended up making thousands per month just from my Youtube videos that were driving traffic to affiliate offers.  It works, but the only issue I had was making videos.  I had to pay other people to make them for me which limited how many I could put out.  But with Tube Conquest I can put out dozens of videos each day with the simple to use interface.

Check out Tube Conquest here

Tube Conquest Bonus

I have an incredible bonus that I am offering on this if you buy through my link.  If you purchase Tube Conquest through my link I will build 1,000 super high quality backlinks to the first video or videos you make as a free bonus.  These are the exact same backlinks I use to make my own videos rank on page 1 of Google within weeks, even days in some cases.

Mark Dulisse also has a series of incredible one time offers after you purchase Tube Conquest – I didn’t have to buy any of them because I already own them all!  Here is the 2nd part of the bonus, for each upsell you take I will add 1,000 more backlinks to the bonus.  If you buy Tube Conquest and 1 of the one time offers you will get a total of 2,000 backlinks.  If you take 2 or 3 one time offers you will then get 3,000 or 4,000 backlinks for free.  So all you have to do is create a couple videos with your new video software, send me the URLs and I will make them rank for you.  How cool is that!

Here is what you need to do to get the bonus:

1 – clear your cache and cookies

2 – click on this link

3 – invest in Tube Conquest and whichever one time offers are right for you

4) email your receipt to – include the offers you purchased

5) create your video or videos and then send me the URLs so I can build those links for you.  I’ll also syndicate the video through several networks for even more ranking power

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