SEO Software Reviews

Finding the best SEO Software is a confusing because the industry is full of noise and newly launched products each and every week.  The problem is you have internet marketers creating products and promoting software that they don’t even intend to use.  The multitudes of fake reviews during a launch was always very irritating to me.  Back in 2012 I was so sick of watching this weekly train wreck that I stopped promoting products all together.  I even deleted a list of 10,000 people from Aweber because I didn’t plan on ever sending them another email.

Now in 2020 I am getting back to doing reviews.  The reviews I do on SEO software and tools are done on products I currently use and recommend.  I cannot join the hoards of JVzoo launches because I don’t use 99% of the products launched there.  The 1% of the products I do use, I am going to tell you about.

Two Reasons I’ll Tell You Which SEO Tools I Use

  1. You won’t have to waste time and money on lousy ineffective products that everyone and their mother is launching each and every week.  There is a base of tools and services that you will need to be successful in SEO, online reputation management, and affiliate marketing.  I use these same tools everyday until something else comes out with something new that I find enough value in to add to my list.  You don’t need something new every other day.  And unfortunately it’s the new people to the internet marketing industry that get “caught in the trap of buying crap”.  They see these guys online and just assume they are out there to help them.  Not necessarily so, most are out there to help themselves.  Don’t get me wrong here.  There are several trustworthy people out there, but even some of them get caught up in the JV launch fervor of prizes and money.
  2. I may earn an affiliate commission off of products I recommend.  So yes, the other big reason I’m doing this is to add to my monthly income.  But when you come to this blog you’ll know that if I’m using something, it’s for a reason, and it is serving a purpose and helping me succeed.  You don’t have to buy anything from my affiliate links.  But when you do, I’m always available to answer questions on Skype when you’re getting started using anything I recommend.

Cut to the Chase and Use the SEO and Marketing Tools that Work

Most of the software I tell you about has been available for years.  If it’s stood the test of time with me, I  can feel good about recommending it to someone else.  I’ve got some catching up to do because there are hundreds of reviews by other marketers out there that have been in place for years.  So to prove these things work, I’ll rank my reviews above the others by using these exact tools and good onpage SEO.  Stay Tuned………….