How to Use FCS Networker for Powerful Tumblr Backlink Tiers

Watch how I use FCS Networker and High Page Authority Tumblr Backlinks

Tumblr is still a very valuable source of links and a powerful place to embed your videos to give the extra ranking power. These are so valuable that you’ll find people selling Tumblr jobs for anywhere from $5 to $100 depending on how many blogs are posted to and if they are aged with page rank Tumblr accounts.

Tumblr Tiered Links Diagram

This diagram includes unreadable text in horrible resolution, it came out much better on the video.  I’ll try to replace this but just watch the video if you need to see it more clearly.  The boxes are color coded so I can give you the key to reading this terrible attempt at a mind map. Actually the mind map isn’t bad, it’s just my lack of saving it in high resolution….

Green – Money Site
Yellow – Tier 1 links like Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Google Docs. etc.
Blue – Tier 2 Tumblr Backlinks
Purple – Tier 3 and 4 Web 2.0 and Social Bookmarking Links
Magenta – links are automatically submitted to Express Indexer (if you have Express Indexer)

tumblr linking diagram

Steps to Get the FCS Tumblr Links

  1. Get Tumblr Accounts – either create them yourself or save time and get them preregistered with page authority.  I prefer to buy them premade with page authority and with profiles on the Tumblr account already created.
  2. Import Tumblr Accounts into FCS.  There is a simple import feature.  Import dozens of accounts or even thousands with the click of a button.
  3. Create your Tier 1 content.  You can write this yourself, have someone write it for cheap, or use a content creator like Kontent Machine.
  4. Setup your post blog post in FCS to build links to your Tier 1 link.  Make sure to drop the post at a few posts per day.  Don’t do them all in 1 day.
  5. Setup a Tier 2 project using FCS.  Simply go to the project you just created and choose create tier from the dropdown menu.
  6. Setup a Tier 3 using FCS.  Go to the project for Tier 2 and use the dropdown menu to create a tier.

That’s it, that’s all it takes.  Once you have went through this process once you’ll be able to repeat it within a couple of minutes.

Tools to Execute This Tiered Link Building Strategy

Tumblr Accounts – Get them preregistered with Page Authority

Content – I love Kontent Machine, but you can take any article and Spin it with something like SpinRewriter”>Spinrewriter

Indexing – The best indexing tool is, but FCS Networker works with several indexer API’s so that the links are automatically sent for indexing making this very hands off and automated.  I use Express Indexer in conjunction with software so that I don’t have to submit links by hand.  I use Authority Indexer for indexing my tier 1 links.

FCS Networker – If you want to do the tiered automation like in the video you’ll need FCS Networker.  It’s simple to use and it has the best account creator with the highest success rates.  Alternatively you can submit to Tumblr manually but this would be more time consuming and you would need to be logging in from different proxies to keep your accounts alive.  For this I recommend Browseo (see the review), as an excellent tool to accomplish this.

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