online reputation management strategies guide

Online Reputation Management for Individuals

For the last 10 years I have been offering my online reputation management services only to people referred to me by people I trust.  For the first time I am now launching these services to the general public.

For the last 10 years I have been offering my online reputation management services only to people referred to me by people I trust.  For the first time I am now launching these services to the general public.

I have just launched where I will be offering different types of reputation management services along with a do it yourself online reputation management course.  This is something I have wanted to do for years but continued putting it off. 

In the past I only offered help to those with budgets in the range of $2,000+ per month, but the industry has grown so much and there are a range of different needs which I will explain in greater detail.

Online Reputation Management Services for Individuals

Online Reputation Management Services for Individuals search trending at 700% in 12mo

So that brings me to why I am getting more involved in everyday reputation management for the everyday person.  Just in case you didn’t know, not everything on the internet is true.  There are are what I call “extortion” type websites such as Rip Off Report that have done a lot of damage to people because any anonymous person or your competitor can write things to ruin your life or business. 

Certain websites like Rip Off Report have been around for awhile and the content typically ranks on page 1 of Google without any effort.  What can you do about it?  Well, you can pay them around $12,000 (give or take), as part of their customer advocacy program and they will give you control of the page to have positive things written.

This could also be called, “personal online reputation management“. The search engines, primarily Google, have made it impossible for people to hide their past sins from the world.  There are mixed feelings on this depending on which side of the fence you are on.  If you have a checkered past which haunts you on Google page 1, then you probably don’t like this.  But if you are an employer or a girl that doesn’t want another bad date, this can be a very helpful tool in order to mitigate risks.

There are a lot of very simple strategies that anyone can use in a DIY reputation management campaign.

Online Reputation Management Strategies

  • Purchase Your Own Domain such as
  • Secure and Optimize All Social Media Properties
  • Add a link back to your domain from all your social media
  • Get accounts on free blogging platforms like and
  • Write Bio articles about yourself on the free blogging sites
  • Share your bio articles on you social sites
online reputation management strategies guide

Those are just a few things you can do personally that will begin to get your own name out there on Google page 1.  The more content you add to your social media sites and free blogging platforms, the better and higher they will rank.

Do Online Reputation Management Services Work?

Of course this is a question I get asked alot. In fact it’s probably the first thing someone asks me if they are interested in my service. Many of my customers have come from big name reputation management companies, spent alot of money, and didn’t see any results.

Unfortunately many companies will oversell what they are capable of and set expectations that are too high. So when you ask do the services work, what does that mean? Well for me it’s about pushing negative articles down the page, at least below the top 5. If a company providing reputation management services tells you they can push a negative off the page completely you need to be cautious.

The first thing I do is I guarantee my client that they will control the top 5 spots. After that it gets harder and harder to continue pushing negative urls down the page. So I set realistic expectations. The problem has to be looked at very closely before offering any kind of guarantees. Some jobs are much much harder than others depending on many variables concerning the authority of the offending site and the volume of traffic that it is capturing.

This post is to be continued and is currently under development.  For now you can check out a great online reputation management service for individuals here: coming soon

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