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WP Profit Builder 2.0 Review – Best Landing Page Generator

WP Profit Builder has been available for 2 years now and I actually just started using it a few months ago.  When they announced that WP Profit Builder 2 was going to be launching I was quite excited to get the update.  You see, I’ve been so happy with what the first version can do I didn’t even think about it being even better. Watch my Profit Builder bonus video and then scroll down to read and watch my reviews.

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Why I Switched from Leadpages to WP Profit Builder 2

wp profit Builder 2 templates

First of all let me tell you the first reason I started using Profit Builder.  After about 5 years of using Leadpages I realized I had spent more than $4000 on their platform and was getting very tired of the $67 monthly price.  I started looking for a Leadpages alternative that I could switch too and save myself  exactly $804 a year.

Cutting Overhead Costs for My Business

First it came down to wanting to cut costs in my business because I didn’t see the point of paying a monthly subscription to maintain landing pages that I had created.  I’m not a landing page design guy so I really needed something with pre-built templates that had already been tested for conversion.  I really wanted a simple WordPress landing page plugin that I could add to any of my existing websites with ease.  That’s when I found WP Profit Builder.

What is WP Profit Builder 2?

WP Profit Builder 2 is the next generation landing page generator from Sean Donahoe based off the original software that was launched 2 years ago.  It is a drag and drop marketing page builder.  It is a brilliant  landing page software for WordPress because it’s so simple any newbie that doesn’t even know what a landing page is can have a good one up and running in minutes.  The original WP Profit Builder plugin has a fantastic set of templates with full customization.  Usually I just take a preexisting template and then edit it with my graphics, video, call to action, etc.  And I forgot to mention, there is only a 1 time fee of $67 – there’s the savings I was looking for.

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How Does WP Profit Builder 2.0 Work?

WP Profitbuilder 2 is a simple to install WordPress plugin that adds an intuitive design interface to create any type of landing page you need.  If you can’t design landing pages it comes packed with over 100 templates that can suit any of your needs.  The templates included in the Profit Builder 2.0 software have been created by internet marketing professionals with designs that have proven to convert.

What Kind of Landing Pages Can You Create with Profit Builder 2.0?

Types of WP Profit Builder 2 Landing Pages

They have included templates for anything you can think of.  These are templates that are proven to convert traffic into opt-ins and sales.  There is no reason to recreate the wheel by trying to figure out the best layout because the templates cover it all.  Of course you can design your own landing pages from scratch with the simple drag and drop interface.  Here is what you can build with Profit Builder.

  1. Optin Pages
  2. Sales Pages
  3. Membership Portals
  4. Webinar Signup Pages
  5. Product Launch Pages
  6. Coming Soon Pages
  7. Bonus Pages
  8. Upsell Pages
  9. Review Pages
  10. JV Pages
  11. ECommerce Sites
  12. Training Series Websites
  13. Social Gates
  14. About Me Pages

What is New and Improved In WP Profit Builder 2?

  • Rapid Funnel Builder

Quickly and Easily Create High-Powered Funnels For Lead Generation, Sales, Webinars and More

  • Dynamic Split Testing System

Maximize Your Page and Funnel Conversions with Intelligent and Adaptive Split Testing

  • Conversion Tracking System

Track Your Conversions, Profits and Campaign Success Quickly and Easily With ProfitBuilder

  • Revamped Freeflow UI

New FreeFlow UI was Rebuilt From the Ground Up to Be More Powerful, Intuitive and Flexible

  • New Revisions System

Jump Back In Time To Any Previous or AutoSaved Version of a Page In Just a Couple of Clicks

  • Over 100+ Optimized Templates

Over 100 High-Converting, Mobile Optimized Landing Pages for Lead Gen, Sales, Webinars and More

  • Mobile Responsive

Fully Customize and Optimize Your Marketing Pages to Look Awesome on Any Mobile Device

  • Smart Speed Boosting

A Slow Page Converts No-One. We Are Obsessed with Performance And Optimize Everything for Speed

  • Improved ECommerce Support

Tap In to The $2.3 Trillion Ecommerce Industry With ProfitBuilder’s Improved Support for WooCommerce

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When is WP Profit Builder 2 Available?

Stay Tuned for Further Updates on my WP Profit Builder 2 review which is launching on March 27th,2017.  If you buy Profit Builder 2.0 now or you a current owner you will get to upgrade to the next version for free.

WP Profit Builder 2.0 Bonus

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Profit Builder Review and Walk-Through

This video shows a nice walk-through of Profit Builder from Sean Donahoe himself. I introduce the video and at the end I talk about a very special SEO secrets bonus that I am now adding to the first bonus.

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